Marketing strategy for staffing agencies.

Marketing Strategy can be a challenging area. If you find return on marketing investment hard to pin down, you’re not alone.

Very few business leaders question the true value of a strong brand. The question for small to medium sized businesses is how to make a strong brand pay for itself in revenue and growth. If you’re never going to be Nike, or spend millions of dollars on marketing, is marketing worthwhile?

It’s a tough one.

The problem with marketing in general is that it lacks accountability. As a result, small to medium businesses ted to avoid it in favor of exercises that deliver more visible results. But marketing doesn’t need to be unaccountable any more. In the digital era, you have access to an incredible range of activities where you can track success in real time.

Would you invest more in marketing if you knew you could see your results in the terms you value? (new customers, conversion and revenue.) Probably. If you’re tired of spending money and not understanding how it’s benefiting your business in real terms, a fresh viewpoint could help.

Work with a creative agency who understands your P&L as a staffing business. Whether you’re focused on contract recruiting, direct hire or any kind of managed service, we understand your business model and we can help you beat your plan.

Talk to us. We’ll show you some new directions for your marketing. It costs you nothing to understand your options.

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