Free 60 Minute Marketing Workshop

This month we’re inviting staffing companies in Houston to get a free 60 minute brand workshop. No commitments. Just an opportunity to meet our CEO and get some free advice. Who knows what we might do together in the future?

Here are some of the things we’ll discuss:

Do you understand the potential and limitations of your brand?
Do you know how candidates view you externally?
How are your access points to the market? (advertising / social media / e-mail / staff)
What can you change today to improve your chances of reaching your objectives?
How does your brand affect your revenue, placements, contract headcount and sales pipeline?


A round-table discussion:

Part 1:   Exploring the evidence
Part 2:   What’s working and what’s not working?
Part 3:   What do we think you should do about it?



About Richard Spragg 

Richard has worked in recruitment marketing and operations for 12 years. He was Managing Director of EPCglobal, Bechtel’s recruiting company until its sale in 2008. He launched the Talascend brand in 2009 and joined Hirebrand last year.

He has an honors degree in English and a Masters in Journalism & Communications. He was admitted to the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2009. He has lived and worked in Houston, Texas for 8 years. His blog about staffing, marketing & business has attracted 400,000 readers.




Working with Richard was an incredibly rewarding experience. Richard is intelligent, hard working, and creative. Best of all he inspires his team and brings these qualities out within them.
Hassan Gulamali, Technip

His ability to engage those around him in a way where you are truly part of the vision he has for the company sets him apart. Richard’s business sense is a step above the rest, he knows how to approach difficult situation with calm level head to achieve the desired results.
Ryan Hurley, Foster Wheeler

Richard is easily one of the smartest and most self-motivated individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He’s constantly bringing clever and interesting ideas to the table with well thought out plans of execution with a marketing strategy and real time data to back them up. He’s also quick on his feet and adept at solving complex problems. Whenever I needed advice or feedback on a client I was working on, I could always count on Richard to have a fresh perspective.
Cliff Prevo, Core