Employer Branding What do you know?

You’re not recruiting, your brand is. What do you really know about how your brand is perceived in your market place?

There are a variety of sources for high value data. Once you set up a way to collect that data, you’re on the path to understanding your hiring brand and driving improvements.

1. Understand why people joined you

Do you ask your new recruits why they said yes? Once your offer has been accepted and your new hire is in place, most of us get to the business in hand. There’s work to be done and a sharp learning curve to overcome. On top of that you’ll find that new hires may not be as direct with you as they will be with an external person. If there was a major flaw in your process that you need to know about, it can be hard for a new hire to be as direct with you in their first week as they would be later on. They’ll find it far easier to take part in our process; we’ll get to the unvarnished reality without anybody feeling uncomfortable and without distracting them from their now role.

2. Understand why people didn’t join you

When you’re building your team, few things are more frustrating than a new person you’re excited about who drops out during the hiring process. It’s easy to assume that there are only practical issues in play. More money from someone else? A job closer to home? Perhaps they just decided to stay where they are. But what if it wasn’t about them? What if it was something endemic to your hiring culture that’s going to affect you again? You need to know and you can only find out by collecting the data and analyzing it.

3. Understand why people left you

Exit interviews are a pretty common these days, but too often they’re treated individually when as a collective sample of one or two hundred they potentially hold the key to so many of the issues you have retaining your top talent. Our process goes beyond putting forms in files and gets the real information working for you.

We have the process, materials and staff to bring you the answers you need. We can help you to formulate the right ongoing strategy for your hiring brand, then help you to execute it.

4. Understand the external view

The vast majority of people with opinions about you as an employer don’t work for you and never have. Your next 500 hires are in your market right now. The chances are they’ve heard of you and they’ve got an opinion about you. It may be fair, or unfair, accurate or inaccurate but their opinions are out there and they spread. What does the market think of you and what can you do to make sure the perception is accurate?

Our programs will help you understand your place in your market and how you can get to where you want to be.

For more information about Hirebrand’s investigation programs and where they can fit in the bigger picture of developing your hiring brand, contact us today.