May talking points for the staffing industry24 April 2017

From our people’s interactions with clients and prospects, through to all the interesting material we’ve read and shared online this month, we’ve pulled out the trends and topics that merit your attention.



Cyber security is worth double checking

It’s never going to be our favorite thing to talk about, since it doesn’t involve servicing our customers or making money, but this month we’re suggesting you talk to your IT guys about security. If you’re a larger employer you probably have it covered, but small to medium sized staffing companies are prime targets for hackers. Lots of confidential information changes hands, including names addresses and social security details; our sector is primed for this kind of crime. A little time invested in prevention will be nothing compared to the disruption of finding a cure after the fact.



Have you looked at Healthcare recently?

We hear a lot of companies talking about diversification, especially in the Oil & Gas market, where the nuclear winter lingers.

In the Healthcare staffing sector, reliable sources predict a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% by 2021. Now that historical databases offer less competitive advantage in staffing, entering a new sector should be less intimidating. Line up your marketing, get organized and go fishing.

Seriously. 13.7%.



Choose process first, not technology

Confusing process and technology is a pretty good way to waste money but gain little value. Increasingly, we encounter approaches to technology that involve this mistake. The best tool in the market place won’t help you if you haven’t established what you’re trying to get from it. Switching out one system for another will trade you one set of problems for a different set if you’re not careful. Design and communicate the right process first, and then make decisions about where technology fits in.

If you begin with a general dissatisfaction with your existing product and decide on a change – you could be driving very fast down the wrong road.



Revisit the Millennial debate

It might be time to update your prejudices, based on a swathe of new thinking on millennials. Don’t worry, we don’t have to stop being condescending and self-righteous to subsequent generations, but let’s at least moan about the right things. And if your business employs a lot of Gen Y types, you have a lot to gain from taking the right approaches to them.

Here’s a short and thought provoking interview with Neil Howe from Hedgeye.

Here’s an interview with Simon Sinek (author of the terrific ‘Start with Why’) which has received a lot of attention – not all of it friendly.



Don’t waste employee advocacy

Your staff will be the most effective means of amplifying your message to market. Last year we looked at the power of your customers as brand advocates, but your staff’s ability to transform your profile continues to be the most under recognized reality in marketing. Imagine rice on a chess board. Square 1 = 1 grain. Square 2 = 2 grains. Square 3: 4 grains. Double the number on every square until you get to the 64th square and how many grains of rice do you have? (The answer: 18,446,744,073,709,551,615). If you can create a trace of this effect by having your staff share your news and content, then you will grow your brand’s awareness very quickly.


That’s all for this month. As always please contact us with your opinions and ideas; we love to hear from you and we’re happy to share your thoughts next time.


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