AfriKids is an internationally award-winning child rights and community development organisation working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty.


We’re proud to be associated with this fantastic organization. Sure, it’s not our usual sector, but the great thing about a great message is that it will resonate with anyone.

When the CEO of Afrikids approached us about speech writing, we couldn’t say no. The speech was written in three days and delivered by the CEO to two thousand donors and charity workers in London in 2015.

Afrikids won the International Charity of the Year Award at the Charity Times awards.

But ultimately it’s all about the kids, and the huge difference that the staff of Afrikids and all their partners are making in the lives of the children of rural Ghana.


From the speech:

“Our responsibility is to change the story. Because the story of Ghana is also an African story, and Africa is changing. We don’t want to listen anymore to the narrative of defeat that we hear time and again from TV reports that know very little about the real Africa; we don’t want to listen to popstars throwing around lyrics about death and disease thinking they’re helping when all they do is reinforce stereotypes; we can replace that narrative with positive, hopeful messages that will convince the world of what we already know to be true. There is hope in Africa. There is change, and it’s because of women like Attanga and because of people like you.”

International Charity of the Year 2015